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Everything you Need to Know About Paylater Mobile Loan Android App


What is Paylater?

Paylater Mobile Loan Android App is an online mobile app lending platform that issues soft loans to qualified users without a collateral. Paylater bridges that gap between a traditional bank loan that makes use of collateral by giving small business owners, startups, students, housewives and workers loan without requiring any documentation from them.

How does Paylater work?

Paylater is easy and accessible and offers flexible methods to obtain a loan. All you need to do is complete their  100% online application within minutes and submit. The team would review your information and give you feedback on your loan shortly after. If your application is approved, you will receive the loan amount directly into your choice bank account in minutes.

How can you Apply?

The application process is simple. All you need do is:

  1. Download the Paylater app

    Visit the link above or search Paylater on your Google Playstore

  2. Sign in or sign up to identify yourself.

    Sign in to the app if you already have an account or create an account in few easy steps

  3. Fill the necessary fields with all the valid information.

    Enter all your details as accurate as they are. Failure to do this may end up in your loan application being rejected

  4. Using the slider, select how much you would like to borrow..

    Select how much you’d like to borrow sliding the range to your desired amount. Note there is no guarantee the amount you select would be given to you. See the next step

  5. Wait for the right amount

    The Paylater algorithm will then display your available loan offer in the app and the expected payment without hidden charges. 

  6. Select the Approved Amount

    Select the amount the algorithm deems fit for you. Once done, the loan application would show pending. This means the algorithm is studying your profile once again. It may take from 30 secs to 24 hours depending on your profile strenght

  7. Your Loan is Disbursed

    That’s all, the Paylater Mobile Loan Android App will typically notify you of the loan decision within minutes.

How much can I borrow from Paylater? For how long?

The amount you would be able to borrow is subject to the analysis of the Paylater Algorithm, the loan app will calculate a loan offer for you which determines the amount and repayment duration they can offer you. The offer differs by individuals. One tip is that you need to make sure you fill all information accurately. Also make sure you apply from your personal mobile device, so you can get the best possible loan offer.

Why is my Bank Verification Number (BVN) required?

Paylater Mobile Loan Android App request your BVN because your BVN is used to verify that the individual applying for a Paylater loan is the same as person that owns the provided bank account. This is done to avoid cases of identity theft.  You don’t need to be afraid of sharing you BVN because it is protected and nobody can access your bank account with only your BVN

My current loan offer is too small! Can I get a higher loan amount?

Well, you can get a higher loan offer, all you need to do is make sure you have a good credit score. But you also understand the current available amount is what the Paylater system can offer you. As they AI in Paylater learns more about you and you build more trust, your likelihood of obtaining higher loan amount would increase.

Is Paylater a bank? Where are you located?

Absolutely not. Paylater is not a bank. Paylater doesn’t receive deposit from the general public neither do they offer savings or current account, they they have an investment plan. Paylater is affiliated with One Finance & Investments Ltd (RC. 1044655), a leading Nigerian Fintech company licensed and regulated by the CBN. Theough they are an online platform you can reach them physically and on social media.

What are the required documents or collateral for a Paylater loan?

To get a Paylater loan, you do not require collateral or documents. The process is entirely paperless! The only thing you need is your Android device, a data connection, a means of identification, as well as valid bank details.

How long does it take to process a Paylater loan?

The process to get a soft loan is short and can be completed within minutes. all you need is to complete your application and accept the loan offer given, your information is reviewed, and a loan decision is typically provided within minutes. If approved, funds will be received arrive your account typically within a minutes of the application.

I don’t have an Android device – can I apply on a computer or from another operating system?

Unfortuantely, the answer is NO. You cannot apply with a computer or a device with another operating system. This is a place I think Paylater should work on, but they have their business model. Currently they are only available for Android devices. Though they promised us they will be available in the coming months, but we are yet to see them.

I don’t know my BVN. What do I do?

Getting your BVn is as easy as ABC. All you need do is dial *565*0#. Please note: This process can only work when you are requesting from the line you used in registering your BVN.

Why is my bank account required?

Your bank account number is required so that you would be able to receive the fund directly into your local bank account.  It’s important for Paylater to send your funds to your preferred account, as quickly as possible. Please note that this must be a personal bank account in your name.

How can you submit a complaint?

You can easily contact Paylater through the in-app chat service,  Facebook or Instagram for  swift reply.

Can I access Paylater from any location?

Yes, as long as you are in Nigeria, you can access the Paylater  loan in any location.

I’m receiving an error: “Location not found. Unable to submit loan application”. How do I resolve this?

This happens when your location settings is not activated on your Android device. In other to avoid this error and for your application to go through, you need to allow the Paylater Loan app access your device location. After you have done this, exit the Paylater app, then re-open and attempt to submit your application again. It is highly recommended that you are in an area with stable network connection while the app detects your location – sometimes, even taking your device outdoors briefly can help, as network signal is typically stronger.

Why does Paylater Loan app you need my card details?

The app request for your card details in order to receive your loan repayments on your due date. Your privacy is important no doubt, but the app makers have put everything in place to ensure that your information is secured.

My debit / ATM card is being declined when I try to complete card setup. What can I do?

This may due to a number of reasons:

  1. You don’t have sufficient funds in your account. You should have at least NGN 100 in the account linked to the card for setup to be successful
  2. You haven’t activated your card for online transactions. Check how you can do this here or visit your bank for details
  3. Incorrect details entered: make sure the details such as  card number, expiry date and CVV provided to be sure all information is valid

I have never previously used my debit/ATM card for an online transaction. How can I setup on Paylater?

This depends on your  card. In most cases you may need to contact your bank for to enable your debit/ATM card for online transactions prior to completing setup on Paylater. For card activation instructions, please click here

I was approved for a loan, why have I not yet received my funds?

If this is your first loan, your debit/ATM card needs to be setup in order for your funds to be disbursed to your account. Please click ‘Setup Debit/ATM Card’ in the app and add a card to be used for repayment. This is to conveniently allow the app to deduct money from your account when due.

Note that the sum of N100 would be deducted from your account as a setup fee.

My loan status shows ‘Disbursed’, but I am yet to receive funds in my account.

It may take some minutes before you receive your funds in your account. This may be due to intebank network issues. Try checking your balance.  If you do not still receive funds after 24 hours, contact Paylater.

Why was my loan application rejected?

It is frustrating to see your loan application rejected. Several reasons can contribute t why your loan application was rejected. One of the most likely reason is that the app does not receive sufficient data to score your application. Please ensure you are signed into Paylater using your main mobile device, and also keep your data on while using the app in order for us to determine the best possible loan offer for you.

A second possible reason is that you provided an invalid detail or you may not have shared all of the information required in the application.

If you also have a negative repayment history on previous obligations (including Paylater loans)  your loan access may be denied. Obtain a credit report to offset your debt.

Do I need to fund my account before application?

Paylater loans are intended to meet your urgent cash needs. It is only logical that you’re low on funds at the time of application. However, on your first loan, a card setup is required and you must have at least NGN100 when your loan is approved. This is done to verify that the debit/ATM card your repayment will be taken from is valid.

I have submitted my application but I have not yet received any notification on my loan status.

You will typically  receive notification via SMS and/or email immediately after you submitted your loan application. If you have not received either of these, please check the ‘Your Loans’ menu in the app to confirm the current status of your request.

My loan status is showing as ‘Pending’ after I have submitted my application. How do I proceed?

This means that the system is processing your application. You will receive a notification on your loan decision shortly after.

What is a client ID? How do I find mine?

Your client ID is a special number Paylater uses to identify you. It is an account number equivalent.  It is displayed in the app, sent via SMS when your loan is approved, and in all e-mails we send to you. It can also be found by logging into your app.

Please take note of this ID as it should be used for resolving account issues speedily or on any repayment transaction details for quick identification.

Can I update my banking/personal information?

Yes. You can update your banking details and information in the app.

However, if you have a currently running loan and need to update or change certain details, please use the ‘Your Profile’ app menu, or contact them via the in-app chat for assistance.

How do I check my account balance and due date?

Please log in to your Paylater account to view all details concerning your loan.

How do I repay my loan?

The UI is made in such a way that you can easily repay your loan. On your due date(s), your payment will conveniently be deducted from the account linked to the debit/ATM card provided during your loan application.

If you prefer to make a repayment before you due date, these channels are available to you:

Debit Card (Recommended)

To clear an active loan, click the ‘Make a Repayment’ button in the app or login to our web portal. You can find this on  the ‘Your Loans’ menu section in the app. Simply tap on the card linked to your profile or select ‘Add a New Debit/ATM card’ if you wish to repay using a new card. Once your payment is successful, your account well be updated.


  • Go to your app dashboard or web portal, click ‘Make a Repayment’ in the app
  • Select ‘Pay with Quickteller’
  • Enter your card details and confirm the transaction. Your account will automatically be updated within minutes.

Direct Transfer

You can directly transfer to the Paylater account, but this may take more than 24 hours to verify. After payment include your full name and client ID on the transfer details and notify immediately you make a repayment.

How can I make an early repayment?

One of the benefits of early repayment is that it gives you a boost on your credit score. If you want to make a payment before the due date, please use the ‘Make a Repayment’ button, found on the ‘My Loans’ page on the app.

If I make an early repayment, will I pay less?

No. however an early repayment gives you the opportunity to improve your credit score and apply for another loan immediately. The terms of your loan will not change. Your repayment terms are fixed at the point of loan application and the total amount to be paid is not changed by an early repayment.

I have made my repayment but my account has not been updated – how come?

Make sure you have sufficient fund on your due date for successful payments. Alternatively you can repay  via make ‘Make a Repayment’ button in the app as this immediately updates your account.

What is a client ID? How do I find mine?

Your paylater  client ID is the unique number used for identifying you. It is more like an account number or bvn. Since more than one person can bear the same last and first name, it is logical that you have a unique id. The unique ID is programed in such a way that two people cannot have the same UID.  It is displayed in the app, sent via SMS when your loan is approved, and in all e-mails we send to you. It can also be found by logging into your app.

You can also use the UID to invite, refer friends and family and in turn gain rewards such as reduced loan interest, increased loan amount etc.

Can I update my banking/personal information?

You can update your banking details and information in the app.

If you have a running loan with and need to update or change certain details, please use the ‘Your Profile’ app menu.

How do I check my account balance and due date?

Login to your Paylater account to view all details concerning your loan.

Can I reschedule my loan repayment date?

No. You cannot reschedule your loan repayment. However, if you have challenges, it is better to notify Paylater so you will not be reported. Please note that due dates are fixed when your loan is approved.

What happens if I can’t make a payment on my due date?

It is obvious that your financial status may change suddenly, however, it is important to notify customer care if you fail to repay within the agreed period. There may be fees associated with late repayments. In addition, defaulting loans are reported to national Credit Bureaus and this can severely affect your ability to access loans in future. We therefore advise you take every effort to meet your obligations on time.

What happens if I don’t pay back my loan?

If you find yourself in a situation that makes it difficult to make your scheduled repayment, please contact us immediately by sending us an in-app chat message or calling 01-460 9947.

However, if you deliberately refuse to repay one or more of the following may apply to you:

  • Suspension of your access to our lending service
  • Reporting your account delinquency to multiple credit bureaus
  • Involvement with external collection agencies
  • Possible legal action

I previously applied on Paylater’s web platform, but I’m now redirected to the Google Play Store to download a mobile app. Why?

In order to provide a better mobile experience for you, Paylater Mobile Loan Android app is now an app-only service. This means that users will need to migrate to the Android app in order to continue enjoying this service.

I’m trying to download the mobile app from the Play Store, but I’m getting the following error: “This Item Isn’t Available in Your Country”. How do I fix this?

You will get this error message if your location is not supported.

If you currently live in a location where Paylater is supported, but your Play Store settings currently have you in a different country, you will need to update your Google Play account profile to your correct location in order for you to access the app.

I’m getting a ‘Device not compatible’ message in the Google Play store when I try to download the app. What does this mean?

Paylater can only work on Android devices running on version 4.1 and above. Please check your device settings to verify whether your device meets this standard.

Security And Privacy

Can I trust Paylater with my data?

Yes. I have trusted them and I can testify that your privacy is guaranteed, When using Paylater Mobile Loan Android App, your data is always secure. The algorithm uses world-class standard security and encryption technology to protect all details. When you provide us with information, you can also be assured of your privacy – our loan agreements are always kept confidential.

Who has access to my data?

Your Paylater Mobile Loan Android App  details  will not be shared with any third party, unless it is for dedicated business purposes, such as reporting of loan defaulters to authorized Credit Bureaus. It is therefore important to ensure that you repay your loan on time so your credit history is not negatively affected. If you make timely repayments, this increases your chances of accessing credit from financial institutions in future.

What is a credit bureau?

Find out more about Credit Bureau here

A credit bureaus is an agency that provide information on individuals’ borrowing habits and financial patterns. The CB in Nigeria is regulated by the CBN and they typically work with financial institutions and other creditors to collate this data, and your performance on previous reported accounts impact your ability to obtain loans or other financial services in future. The more loans you repay on time, the better your credit history gets. With this, you’ll be able to access better loans at cheaper rates.

How can I review my data that Paylater sends to credit bureaus?

You can order a self report on your credit history from any of the 3 nationally registered credit bureaus. You may contact:

Why do you need permission to my mobile device?

The data from your mobile device is needed by Paylater Mobile Loan Android App including (but not limited to) location, contacts and notifications to provide you with the best possible loan offer. It’s an important part of the algorithm to provide you with loans most suitable for you.

How do I give Paylater permission for my phone?

On your mobile device, kindly go to Settings -> Apps -> Paylater -> Permissions and ensure you have provided Paylater with access to the requested permissions.

What happens if I lose my device?

Your safety is guaranteed. The data you provided in the app is secured by a 4 digit PIN created by and only accessible to you. This PIN is requested each time you open the app. Once you get a new device, just login to your account and your data will be right where you left it.

I have forgotten my Paylater PIN. How can I get it back?

collateral free paylater loans

If you do not remember your PIN, launch the app, select ‘forgot PIN’ and enter the requested personal details in order to verify yourself and reset your PIN.

I did not receive a phone verification code, what do I do?

When you sign up on paylater service, you should receive an SMS link to the mobile number you provided. Please enter the code received to verify your number and successfully register on the platform.

If you are certain that you did not receive a message, please ensure that your provided number is switched on and is in an area with good network service to receive the SMS.

Note: A data connection is required in order to validate your phone number.

What Else can I do with Paylater


Paylater Mobile Loan Android App

PayVest is an investment scheme provided and managed by One Finance and Investments Limited (RC No: 1044655), which is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Bill Payments, Airtime And Transfers

The Paylater Mobile Loan Android app is built to increase convenience and make it easier to manage your money — all the new features are cheaper than existing options available. Airtime recharges are free. Funds transfers will cost a maximum of NGN50, while service charges for bill payments will never exceed NGN100.

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